"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice" -BRIAN HERBERT
Study Abroad
Study Abroad

We understand the importance of education and how it is going bring out aspiring students in various fields. Speaking about education abroad, students prefer to study outside India because of one sole reason, EXPOSURE. Both students and we believe that the kind of benefits and opportunities they receive is vast, keeping in mind the balance in theoretical and practical education.

Universities abroad avail the benefits of high standards of academic quality, Industry Based Learning (IBL) and strive towards continuous improvement of the educational knowledge of students. Universities also focus on the growth of the students both personally and professionally which prepare them to face the real challenges across the globe.

Academics apart, traveling abroad would help them adapt to different lifestyles and blend with people from distinct cultures. A student tends to socialise and become open-minded from being succumbed to a small group of people around them. The advice that we give to our students everytime is; Learn all you can and who knows how far you will go because the sky has no limits!!

Study Tour
Study Tour

Study tours for school students doing their 10th and 11th grade are organized every year to experience the education system in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. We also focus on College and University students who would be interested in study tours for their higher studies in the future.

The main reason for these study tours is to give an opportunity for students to explore, understand and grasp the education experience, local culture and living overseas. This would be very beneficial for students who wish to study abroad and for those who are yet to decide about that option as this would be the perfect opportunity to explore and decide.

Education Counselling
Basic profile assessment
One to one session with student & Parents
Identifying the student strength, weakness, interest
Guidance in exploring the carrier opportunities & various competitive exams for the future carrier like IELTS/PTE, Etc.,
Finally guidance on choosing the right Country/ City/Course

BEC Global is widely known and recognized for its expert student counseling in international educational and course options in the best Universities based on your education qualification and work experience, keeping in mind your budget, your choice of course, the city and other such preferences. We also overlook the different aspects as to how the course would be of an advantage to your career and a benefit to your future, not having to regret about the choice of course.

BEC workplaces have all the application structures, pamphlets and handbooks of significant Universities which after discussions and meeting will be rounded off and confirmed and your applications will be sent to the relevant Universities thereafter. Your application will then be assessed to decide your qualification the course. You will also be given the chance to have a look at the structure of the selected courses and go on with the rest of the process in our regular training workshops.

Visa Process
One on counseling with Parents
Basic financial assessment
Guidance on financial institution and loans
Assistance on visa application process
Visa Process
Assistance on ticketing for the best flight option
Guidance on accommodation
Assistance on Airport pickup, Forex & travel card
Assistance on tourist visa & all travel related services.
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